The iPhone Fake… I mean OnePlus 5

A small Chinese company has released a phone that looks exactly like the iPhone 7 Plus. Of course there is loads of Chinese clones of this device but the OnePlus 5 is not a clone.


WWDC 2017 – What To Expect

Apple's World Wide Developers Conference is coming soon, this is the time where Tim Cook and his team unveil the latest software for Apple's products. Here is what we can expect from this event.

DVDs – Bad Quality Media Since 1995

Yeah, I'm having a moan! People are still using DVDs! They have been around for a long time and most are only available in SD form but who really wants billions of discs around and look through them for the movie that you want?

Are You Still Moaning About USB?

Yes, Apple removed the standard USB port and replaced it with their own version -Thunderbolt 3. Many users complain that removing the USB port was a stupid idea, I just can't seem to see why they think it's so bad.

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