The iPhone Fake… I mean OnePlus 5

This is an iPhone 7 Plus.


This is a OnePlus 5.


Don’t worry if you haven’t spotted the difference – I have, one has a tacky logo on it.

OnePlus, a small chinese company has created a new Android device that’s design looks almost identical to Apple’s latest model, the iPhone 7. It of course has received a lot of criticism recently, why wouldn’t it – a perfectly good looking phone has been put on Android.

You’ll probably remember that Samsung copied Apple, on numerous occasions; this is as if CEO Pete Lau, said to Tim Cook, can I copy your homework? And Tim replied, yeah just change it a little so its not obvious. Well if the teacher turned the homework around, Pete would be getting a Fail. 

The front of the phone is less obvious, it has that home button that everyone hates.

OnePlus 5 Home Button (Credit:TheBitBag)

Under the 1080p AMOLED display is the latest version of Android. In my opinion, Android is not a nice operating system and so is another con for me. It has a camera app too, which looks exactly like the one on iOS.

Don’t get me wrong, the £449 phone it’s self is pretty great but I feel that OnePlus’ slgoan ‘Never Settle’ does not describe this device as they have practically just settled for the iPhone.




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