WWDC 2017 – What To Expect

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference is coming between 5th and 8th June this year and the main event on the 5th. This is the time where Tim Cook and his team unveil the latest software for Apple’s products, Here is what we can expect from this event.

iOS 11

This is a difficult one to discuss due to the rumoured release of the iPhone 8 which according to Tim Cook, will be totally different from any other iPhone. The refreshed phone will need a refreshed operating system. 

Lock Screen Concept on iOS 11

It will be difficult for Apple to release iOS 11 without giving anything away about the new phone, making it likely that the version of iOS 11 on the iPhone 8 will be totally different to the versions on previous models.

Possible New Control Centre

Some rumours suggest that the new mobile operating system will come with updated maps, a new control centre and group FaceTime calls to rival apps like Skype.




Macs are currently running on MacOS Sierra, of course, we don’t know what the next-gen will be called, probably another place in California.

Like I said, Apple will probably release ‘conference FaceTime calls’ where you can call more than one person on your Mac. A complete redesign of the ugly iTunes app on MacOS would be great and it is something I would definitely want.

I would also like the possibility of Siri and Spotlight Merging, this goes for iPhone too. This would be very convenient and makes it easier to search for things.

WatchOS 4

Apple Watch currently runs on WatchOS 3 and Apple will release the next version on June 5th.  It’s likely that Apple will update the exercises that it can track on the watch with new features like skiing and snowboarding.

Rumours also suggest that WatchOS 4 will also have the ability to notify you and emergency contacts when you are having a heart attack and tracks diabetes. Some suggest that Apple will include a sleep tracker, a smart idea but comes with the problem of charging as many people like to charge their devices at night.

Of course, Apple will also probably release brand new watch faces and upgrade Siri.

One thing, I would personally like to see in the new version of WatchOS is the ability to unlock your phone using your watch, If the Apple Watch could tell if you had your iPhone in your hand it would automatically unlock it, without the use of a password or Touch ID.


Apple TV will also be getting an update this year with the possibility of the TV app in the UK (I really want this!), A 3D Touch remote and Amazon Prime app. 05-apple-tv






So Apple will have a lot to fit it in at their 2-hour long conference starting at 10:00 (18:00 BST), lots of people will be watching it and you’ll be able to stream it on the US version of apple.com (no matter where you are in the world) and it’ll be available on the Podcast app later too.


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