Top 5 Things Apple Should Do To Beat Samsung

So it’s only the end of May and lots of people are really excited about the iPhone 8, what is supposed to be totally different from any other iPhone. It’ll come with iOS 11 which will probably be totally refreshed too. But Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is huge competition for the 10th iPhone. There’s a few things that Apple could do to leap over their main rival:

Built in Touch ID

Apple will almost certainly release the new iPhone with an OLED with very little bezels, something that the S8 has already done. The one thing that Samsung failed to do was incorporate the Touch ID into the screen; instead, (stupidly) putting it on the back of the phone. 

Credit: @VenyaGeskin1

If Apple managed to somehow put the Touch ID sensor behind the OLED screen, Samsung would definitely be in trouble.

Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging is something that Apple really should do as Samsung have had it for a while, it’s definitely something Apple have the technology to do and I’m sure many Apple fans would love but knowing Apple, you’ll have to buy it extra for a hefty price.

Better Quality Glass

If you have an iPhone, you’ll probably know that it’s screen isn’t very strong, I’ve never smashed an iPhone, because I’ve got a case that comes out slightly from my iPhone, but I hate having a case, I want the ability to hold my iPhone and feel the material it’s made of. 

Click for Case Website
My iPhone Case (Black Phone)


In iOS 11, me, along with many other Apple users, will be hoping for an updated Siri, the ability to do new things and understand more terms, like for instance, when I want Siri to turn my bedroom Hue light on, I can just say “Turn My Light On” rather than “Turn Sam’s Room Light On”. A more personalised experience from Siri would be great. 

Credit: Nate Swanner
Apple already wins the personal assistant race with other competitors trailing behind. Samsung’s new Bixby has already been a flop.

Better Battery Life

Ok, so every year we want better battery life and every year we get it; just not as good as we want it to be. The OLED display is also very energy efficient so that could help with the battery life. 

Apple are reportedly working on a ‘far bigger L shaped’ battery to improve the life of the thing that annoys us most.

So there’s plenty for Apple to improve and many of these things are very likely to happen, if Apple upgrade their cameras then Apple will definitely go on top as the best smartphone producer. 


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