DVDs – Bad Quality Media Since 1995

Yeah, I’m having a moan! People are still using DVDs! They have been around for a while and most are only available in SD form but who really wants billions of discs around and look through them for the movie that you want? What about digital movies? I buy my movies off of Apple and Sky, where I can watch them on all my devices, Apple TV,  iPhone, MacBook and more in great quality – plus instead of going through hundreds of movies looking for the movie that I want, I just get Siri to do it. Plus the great thing about getting movies on Sky is, some are now available in Ultra HD and with Sky’s amazing new VR movies, I can really feel like I’m part of the film.

I also use movie streaming services like Amazon Prime to watch the latest and greatest movies and TV shows (like The Grand Tour).maxresdefault

And rumours suggest that Apple might be working on a Streaming Service which means theres no excuse for buying DVDs.

Theres no excuse when it comes to money either – let’s say I want to watch the brand new film Sully (True Story about the pilot who landed a failing aircraft on the Hudson River) I can buy the HD film on iTunes (with iTunes Extras) for just £9.99, most shops will sell the bad quality DVDs for £10. I know it’s a penny of a difference but it makes a big difference in quality.

Theres also some great deals on where you can rent classic movies for 99p and buy the bests for £3!

So sell all your DVDs and get them digitally – BLU RAY DOSENT COUNT!

Sky isn't launching any dedicated UHD channels, but there is a swathe of 4k content coming
Some UHD films available on Sky



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